Do What’s Right

It’s common nature for humans to just think about ourselves. That’s fine, I mean survival is one of the basic instincts that all humans carry with them. Why should we therefore disobey that instinct to help others out?

Wouldn’t You …

boy yelling

Stop and Think Before You Yell

Alright, let us play pretend. Just imagine someone just cut you off. What do you do? You yell obscenities and probably say they are a stupid driver, right? Well, no question they made a mistake, but is it really worth …


Hardcovers, Why Can’t I Love You?

Imagine the scene: it’s the 2007 National Book Awards. In the banquet hall, each table features a centerpiece made up of copies of the nominated titles. Invited guests polish off their desserts while, up in the balcony, the press and …



 is our natural state of being.
A state of increased awareness and consciousness.
People who experience Presence express an increase of inner peace, focus and mental clarity.
Of improved decision making, and significantly reduced stress.
An increase of health, …


The Key To Good Health

Below are five areas (in addition to being happy) that are important to take care of in order to keep your health in balance. Moreover, if any one of these is off, they can quickly and negatively impact the other …