It’s common nature for humans to just think about ourselves. That’s fine, I mean survival is one of the basic instincts that all humans carry with them. Why should we therefore disobey that instinct to help others out?

Wouldn’t You Want a Break?

An example happened with me the other night at my job. A lady made a purchase at the store I work at, but left her credit card on the counter and left with her significant other. I picked up the card and ran it back to her. Now, if that was you, wouldn’t you want that person to return it to you? I mean I could of very easily taken the card and run transaction after transaction on it.

Also, I tend to believe in the principle from the movie Pay it Forward. In the movie, a child comes up with a system to try and reach as many people as he can. He does a favor for a few people and then tells them instead of paying it back to pay it forward and do some favors for other people. In a sense by just doing something for that one person you could in turn reach dozens of people through this system. Wouldn’t you return a credit card if you knew there was a possibility to improve the world?

You Never Know Who Will See

Along the same lines as paying it forward is you will never know who will see your actions. It’s almost the same as the saying about a smile and how contagious they are. I believe State Farm did a commercial where the entire commercial starts with one person doing something nice. Somebody sees that actions and does something nice for someone else and it just goes around in full swing. Now I’m not saying that you could individual set off that chain, but at the same time, there’s no way of knowing that you won’t. Again, by just doing something simple to help out one person, you could quite possibly make the world a slightly better place by generating on of those chains.


Now this is a lot more based on the individual. All the things above are things that everybody can do and buy into. However, karma is something you either believe in or don’t. It is basically the belief that all of your actions will have a consequence. Therefore, if you act good, good will be repaid to you and so on and so forth with the bad. Even if you don’t believe that, maybe you should keep that in the back of your mind. I mean technically you are supposed to do good without the intention of being rewarded, but isn’t that a little more reason to do something helpful? If in turn something good could happen to you just because you helped someone else out.

You don’t have to bend over backwards to help out every person, but when you can make a difference you should. Even if there is no reward, helping someone makes most of us feel pretty good inside. For the most part I think we all at a point try to find a way to improve ourselves and the world well this looks like something that everyone could do.

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