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How To Focus Better And Avoid Distractions

My focus suffered. I could no longer concentrate on the important things and it was so annoying that I decided to change. I’ve stumbled upon an inspiring piece on how to focus better and regain clarity which inspired my to change. It’s been three weeks now since I discovered the advice and decided to implement it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the recent time. Therefore, I decided to write a blog post and share all the insights with you so you can learn to improve focus as well.

Some parts are inspired by the article from Growthzer and other sources, some are based on my personal experiences.

How To Focus

The journey to a better focus starts with one single step: getting rid of useless crap surrounding you. Stuff that is distracting, takes unnecessary space and makes you feel overwhelmed. When there is more space to breath, you can regain your focus. The moment I got rid of plenty of my possessions, my room seemed to be bigger and was definitely less distractive. I felt more focused while reading books, writing this blog post or doing any other stuff.

Keep track of most important goals

In order to focus better on the important aspects of your life, you have to be ready to avoid other distractions in form of commitments, pointless goals etc. A good thing to do is to get a notebook for keeping track of your 3-5 most important goals. Or even 1 most powerful goal. It’s up to you! It is definitely better than trying to work on your goals as you go – you’ll pick things randomly without any order which will only make you progress slower.

Add Some Workout Routine

Since I’ve joined the gym, I learned a lot of lessons about weightlifting such as the fact that it literally improves your focus. When you commit to working out frequently (2-5 times a week) and turn it into a routine, you become automatic on doing the important things and thus, less likely to switch to the distractive habits. Working out has without a doubt a tremendous impact on your overall health but it also strengthens your focus – try it out!

Now that I do yoga and hit the gym, I’m feeling a lot better which makes my mind more sharper.

Meditate to improve focus

Meditation is great to clear your mind. And a clear mind is all you need to focus better! My friend teaches meditation professionally so I’ve got a lot of free advice from her which helped me a lot. But don’t worry if you don’t know anyone who does meditation professionally. You can always download some guided meditation app or maybe even an app designed that teaches you how to focus better.


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