is our natural state of being.
A state of increased awareness and consciousness.
People who experience Presence express an increase of inner peace, focus and mental clarity.
Of improved decision making, and significantly reduced stress.
An increase of health, vitality and joy.
Presence can be experienced  under all circumstances.

Presence can be taught very easily.
Presence can be taught to people of any age, race or liking.
It can very easily be transferred to other individuals or groups.
Presence can often be experienced for several hours or longer, without effort.


People who experience Presence expressed that:

  • emotions like anger and fear are no longer a problem
  • they remain calm under stress
  • relations with their family improved
  • they sleep better
  • they experience the Now from Eckhart Tolle
  • Presence has changed their life for good.

People who experience Presence at work expressed that they experience more:

  • insights
  • flow (Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyi)
  • authenticity
  • simplicity
  • effortlessness
  • improved communication
  • better relations
  • better decisions
  • prevention of burnout.

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