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Stop and Think Before You Yell

Alright, let us play pretend. Just imagine someone just cut you off. What do you do? You yell obscenities and probably say they are a stupid driver, right? Well, no question they made a mistake, but is it really worth all that? I mean think about it, I’m sure you’ve done something like that before, right?

Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes

I have found myself to be on both sides of this situation. I have gotten upset before about some driver doing something along those lines, but I know that I’ve cut someone off as well. I know what it feels like when I’ve done something stupid. Think about it. Do you like getting criticized when you mess up? I know that I don’t, and I really doubt that there is anybody out there that likes it.

Hey…We’re All Humans

Now by no means am I saying that you shouldn’t get upset. Something along those lines is bound to rub anyone the wrong way. However, before you go calling someone a moron, just remember that you make mistakes too, and probably a few of the same that you are getting upset about. I mean I’m sure the last thing you want when you are on the other end cutting some one off or something like that, is for someone to yell obscenities at you and call you a moron.

One Word…Karma

Everyone could be a little nicer to each other. I’m not saying that you have to like a completely random stranger, but there is no reason to get so stressed out. Everyone likes kindness that is given to them, so why not give it out to others as well? All that is dealt out will come back to you. Be good to others and others will be good to you. Besides, we all make mistakes and, and I’m sure that in most cases the person knows they messed up. No reason to give them an even harder time.

Anger is an emotion that we all will feel multiple times in our lives. It is just a reaction. I doubt that anyone will ever be able to rid themselves of this emotion completely, but there is no reason to let it get the best of you. It just takes self-control, and if you think about it, all the aspects of life that Sam and myself are giving you advice on take self-control. It takes self-control to manage your urges to eat healthy, to be smart and manage your finances, and to be yourself in your romance.

Anybody want to share some stories of themselves getting cut off?

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